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Albion Youth Theatre
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About Us

Albion Community Theatre

Albion Community Theatre, founded in 1970, has been the primary public cultural organization in Albion for the past 20 years. ACT has created over 100 different plays and skits, involving over 250 actors, and performing before thousands of Albion residents and guests. Albion Community Theatre is an Eastern Calhoun County, Western Jackson County (Michigan) based theatre group founded over thirty years ago.

The purpose for founding Albion Community Theatre was to promote and support the performing arts, specifically theatre, in the greater Albion area and to provide high quality, appropriate entertainment for the South Central part of Michigan. Albion Community Theatre provides opportunity for people who want to learn about and participate in theatre as actors, technical persons, directors, managers, producers and public outreach persons and all the myriad positions that make a play happen.

We consider ourselves the grass roots of the greater world of theatrical production. It is in this fertile field that the young and old alike can learn to blossom into their larger selves through private training and public performance. We are the joining together of the whole to produce the special.

Albion Youth Theatre

Albion Youth Theatre, or AYT, is a program for children and youth that offers opportunities to participate in the many different areas of interest found within theatre. Plays, rehearsals, workshops, guest artists, and other opportunities provide AYT's participants instruction in acting, improvisation, singing, public speaking, construction, and design. AYT is focused on creating production oriented, socially relevant theatre that is enlightening and affordable for everyone involved, regardless of age. Albion Youth Theatre is committed to enriching the lives of the participants.