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Do you think of Albion as being a cultural community ?


large product photo   "A.C.T. in the Spotlight"

Bob Wilbur and Ruth Smith of Homer (left) offer suggestions for the new A.C.T. web site being designed by Maggie LaNoue of Albion Design. John King (right) points to the upcoming contest for the Albion Theatre Group and Albion Youth Theatre.

Read more about the "A.C.T. in the Spotlight " project below.

  By the spring of 2010, Albion Community Theatre (ACT) will be better known and Albion will be better known for its culture. Thanks to a grant from the Arts & Industry Council of Calhoun County, ACT will be "in the spotlight" with old and new ways of getting the word out. One of the key components of the project is the upcoming merger with Albion Youth Theatre.

"Involving young people and their families in live theatre performances will have a far reaching effect on Albion," said ACT President John King. "More people will get involved, and get excited about their own potential, and the potential of Albion. Groups will be collaborating in new ways. When times are tough, the sense of community and taking creative action can start opening doors that we did not know were there before."

A group of volunteers and businesses have begun this marketing project to increase the live theatre group's attendance and participation. The project will launch with a survey to determine the existing level of awareness of Albion's cultural opportunities.

A contest with many prizes will help ACT to survey residents about their perception of Albion as a cultural community and will also build ACT's database for more communication with residents in the greater Albion area.

Prizes for participation include:

  • Five dinners for two at Cascarelli's in Albion
  • $20 gift certificate to General Store and Hardware
  • Set of two Michigan Mugs with art by Maggie LaNoue
  • Season tickets to AlbionTheatre 2009-2010

"Many people around Albion have not been aware of the old fashioned fun of seeing live actors perform," said ACT Treasurer Ruth Smith. "People stay home and are connected to the internet instead of with real people who are even more entertaining," Smith added. "So we are going to go where they are, to the web, to facebook, we'll have fun ways to get connected to old fashioned live theatre."

Live theatre performances for ACT and Albion Youth Theatre currently planned are:

(List them!)

Partners in the "ACT in the Spotlight" project include:

  • Albion Community Theatre
  • Albion Youth Theatre
  • Albion Design
  • Cascarelli's of Albion
  • St. James Episcopal Church

Others participating include Albion College Ford Institute, Albion Public Schools, General Store & Hardware, and Albion Volunteer Service Organization.


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"ACT in the Spotlight" marketing project is made possible by a grant from the Arts & Industry Council of Calhoun County.

For more information about the grant visit the Arts and Industry Council web site: