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Partners - "ACT in the Spotlight" Project

theatre   Albion Community Theatre

Albion Community Theatre, founded in 1970, has been the primary public cultural organization in Albion for the past 20 years. ACT has created over 100 different plays and skits, involving over 250 actors, and performing before thousands of Albion residents and guests.


AYT   Albion Youth Theatre

Albion Youth Theatre, or AYT, is a program for children and youth that offers opportunities to participate in the many different areas of interest found within theatre.

Episcopal   St. James Episcopal Church

St. James Episcopal Church is the non-profit group over Albion Community Theatre, with a long-term relationship spanning several decades. St. James Episcopal Church has been a religious pillar in our from the days that Tenney Peabody walked the streets of “the Forks” in the 1830’s until the present time.

AD Logo   Albion Design & Marketing

Maggie LaNoue, owner of Albion Design, is known for her art, and has worked with ACT over the years with their print, photography and other design projects. Now Maggie's business is focusing more on digital collaboration and marketing.

relli's   Cascarelli's of Albion

Cascarelli's of Albion has been the venue for many of ACT's performances over the years. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2009, Cascarelli's also hosts a variety of musical performances.

For more information about restaurant partners,
see Albion Entertainment District

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"ACT in the Spotlight" marketing project is made possible by a grant from the Arts & Industry Council of Calhoun County.

For more information about the grant visit the Arts and Industry Council web site: